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Front Passenger Seat Cover – PIU


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Many agencies do not use Prisoner Transport Partitions but still use patrol vehicles to transport prisoners in the front seat. The “Transporter” Front Seat Cover is a truly innovative product that maintains vehicle cleanliness for front seat transports. The “Transporter” simply sits on top of the seat cushion and is secured by the snug fit with the OEM seat design and a cam buckle/strap behind the seat. Easy to install and just as easy to remove for transporting family and other “friendly” transports.



  • Non-porous ABS creates a barrier against biohazards, soiling, or liquid spills to keep seat upholstery clean for family/friendly transports
  • Installs in seconds and can be remove just as quickly, no vehicle modifications needed
  • Designed to fit the contours of the specific OEM seat
  • Curved shape creates a reservoir that can hold up to a liter of liquids
  • Works with OEM restraint system
  • Closes off gaps in OEM seat back to eliminate potential spots where contraband might otherwise be hidden
  • Curved design better fits hands that are cuffed behind the back
  • Cam buckle and belt fastener goes behind the seat to secure the transporter from slipping out of place
  • Snug fit with OEM seat cushion helps to hold front seat cover in place


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