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Pro-cell Prisoner Transport – PIU



Pro-gard’s patented Pro-cell Prisoner Containment Systems are the perfect solution for fleets who want to achieve total prisoner containment during transports. We offer two designs for the PI Utility, the P1000 Half Cage for single prisoners and the P1826 Dual Cage for dual prisoner transports. Our Pro-cells feature a clear, polycarbonate divider that attaches firmly to the seat, partition, and Cargo Barrier that securely divides the back seat in half. This divider compartmentalize the back seat for confining prisoners to a smaller space (behind the front passenger seat with a half cage or behind either front seat with the dual cage).


  • Offers higher level of containment than standard partitioned vehicles by confining the prisoner to only half the back seat
  • Clear polycarbonate center divider area attaches firmly to seat, partition, and speaker deck to create a sturdy barrier through the middle of the rear seat
  • Clear polycarbonate divider compartmentalizes back seat, opens up area behind driver’s seat for additional storage (half cages) or a second transport (full cage)
  • Features Pro-gard’s patented Airbag Compatible Wing protection to detour prisoner access into the front seat

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Pro-Cell Options

Dual Compartment, Full Partition, Single Compartment, 1/2 Partition


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