//Rear Transport Seat – PI Sedan

Rear Transport Seat – PI Sedan


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2013-Current Ford PI Sedan Prisoner Transport Seat and Floor Pan

Pro-gard’s Prisoner Transport Seats and Floor Pans provide an easy to clean option for officers that transport prisoners. Our rugged ABS seats have an easy to maintain surface that resists pathogens and biohazards with normal routine cleaning and sanitizing. The durable ABS material will not react with common cleaning agents.
The seat and floor pan of the PI Sedan are designed to fit snug against one another as well as, the contours of the sedan to prevent any gaps and crevices where prisoners might otherwise hide contraband or evidence. Each piece is molded from a single sheet of high strength ABS for durability that resists the daily abuse of transporting prisoners.
The sleek design of our seats features a smaller profile that takes up less space than the bulkiness of the OEM seat padding and frame. We also engineer our seats to fit further back into the rear seat cavity than the OEM seat. Both of these features offer significantly more leg and foot space for better control when placing prisoners.
  • ABS material resists pathogens and biohazards with normal, routine cleaning/sanitizing
  • Molded from a single high strength sheet of ABS for durability
  • Designed specifically to fit snug against each other and to the curves and contours of the PI Sedan to eliminate gaps and crevices where contraband/evidence may otherwise be hidden
  • Seat belt pucks are provided to enclose the space around seat belts and further eliminate potential place to hide contraband
  • Drain hole grommets are provided with floor pans to provide the means for fleets to install a watertight seal between the pan and undercarriage for fluid drainage when cleaning
  • Charcoal grey finish provides a good contrast to contraband and other items that prisoners may try to discard during transport
  • Charcoal grey finish does not absorb sunlight like darker colors keep the seat and interior of the vehicle cooler in high temperature areas


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