Tri-Lock Self Supporting Mount – PIU



  • Mounts vertically on a Self-supporting Bracket that is designed per each vehicle model
  • Durable, black powder coated steel finish resists corrosion
  • Available for either single or dual long gun mounting and secures a single hand gun
  • “No Holes Drilled” installation for a quick and easy install, installs the same way as Pro-gard’s existing Self-supporting Mount Gun Racks
  • Custom fit the rack to meet the specifications of each individual officers weapon type, brand, and accessories at point of install
  • Does not require the use of our “Gun Rack Order Form”
  • For use on vehicles without Partitions, ideal for supervisor and detective vehicles
  • Fits comfortably behind most aftermarket consoles
  • Guns line up with seat edge for easy access that won’t interfere with the driver’s range of motion
  • Choose from three different styles of gun lock override keys for the long guns: straight, vending, or handcuff, Locking Hand Gun Box is keyed differently
  • Each rack comes with a momentary switch and 8 second timer for the long guns to give officers quick access when they need it
  • Also available in Partition Mount Style for use on Pro-gard’s Space Saver and Space Saver Plus Partitions


An officer’s weapon is a necessity in their daily job. Most officers find that utilizing weapon accessories greatly enhances their ability to effectively wield their weapons. Weapon manufacturers have stepped up to the demand and now offer numerous options of lighting, scopes, grips, lasers, and more. Look at any officer’s weapon and you’ll usually find at least two or three common accessories. Look at the broad spectrum of weapons within a department, outside of the department issued equipment; you’ll rarely find the same configuration of accessories on any gun.

While the officer needs to have reliable accessories on their weapons, they also need to have the weapons handy when the situation demands. Providing a weapon mounting system that facilitates both the quick and ready access function while giving officers the flexibility to utilize their accessories of choice has not always been an affordable, easy solution — until recently. Pro-gard now offers the Tri-Lock Weapon Mounting System that offers the ultimate flexibility for mounting a wide range of options in weapon style, brand, and accessory with ease!

This system can secure up to three weapons: two long weapons and a hand gun within easy reach of the officer. For the two long weapons, Pro-gard continues to offer our electronic gun locks that utilize our momentary switch with 8-second delay timer. The locks are also available in our three key override options: handcuff, straight, and vending.  Unique to the Tri-Lock System is our Locking Hand Gun Box that secures a hand gun between the two long guns. This locking box is the perfect solution for patrol officers who need to lock their weapon while processing prisoners but don’t want the time hassle of checking their gun in.

Additional information

TriLock Options

Dual Weapon w/Handcuff Key, Dual Weapon w/Straight Key, Dual Weapon w/Vending Key, Single Weapon w/Handcuff Key, Single Weapon w/Straight Key, Single Weapon w/Vending Key


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